About Us

Possibiliteas are the brainchild of a New York-based literary agent, creative professional and tea enthusiast, Regina Brooks. She found that her custom blends of fine tea, florals and herbs made her feel more centered and had a positive effect on creative output. She believed that tea—the world’s oldest performance-enhancing beverage—could have a beneficial effect on her clients—writers, artists and other professionals who were looking for fuel for their creative fire.

Regina decided to take her love of fine quality loose leaf tea & tisane to a higher level and share a trilogy of inspiring teas with her clients—creative gourmands, eager to explore healthy new taste options with mind/body benefits.

Partnering with a world-renowned tea-expert­—with access to the finest ingredients from artisanal tea growers globally—and leading herbalist, Regina custom-blended three core recipes—CREATIVITEA, CLARITEA and PRODUCTIVITEA. These blends, with their propriety mélange of organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers, chocolate (!) vanilla and fruit were tried and tested by a variety of people in creative professions. The result: an enhanced ability to put the imagination to work. Dreaming, planning and doing all seemed to become easier—and definitely more enjoyable—after a cup of Possibiliteas. Now these blends are available for everyone who wants to manifest their dreams … tastefully.